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Every business has Sales, Operations, Finance, Marketing, HR and Technology.

Depending on the size of your business, you may have several people in each department or individuals overseeing multiple departments.  Regardless of the size of your team, we make sure PAC is helping manage your entire business.

These features are designed in a way that allows us to tailor them for you in the fraction of the time it would take compared to a custom software solution created from scratch.  This thoroughly tested code base plus our roll out process for customizing PAC gets you up and running quickly.


From the CRM to prospecting to sales activity to quoting through the sale and all associated effort, PAC tracks it all. 


Keeps prospects, clients, vendors and users of PACManager organized, tracks activity and provides the foundation for powerful reports.


From follow ups to effort to commissions, PAC tracks it. Linked to marketing campaigns you can determine what is working best to get you more customers.

Sales Tracking

Quick and easy to use sales activity tracking requires minimal effort from the sales team, but still creates all the information needed for powerful reports and tracking of sales efforts.


PACManager makes quoting quicker, more consistent and figures out profit margins on the fly. PAC also tracks revisions and will streamline the review / approval process.

Referral Partner Management

Gain full visibility into your outside sales partners activity to track their opportunities. PACManager will insure no two sales partners are calling the on the same targets / prospects.


From the sale of a project to the delivery and all the effort, scheduling and costs between, PAC tracks it all. 

Project Tracking

Tracking projects from the day it was sold, to the delivery and on going support, PAC helps get it done on time and knows the effort, cost and profit throughout the project phases.

Task Management

PACManager makes sure your entire team knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed.

Time Tracking

PACManager tracks the time against projects for cost analysis, payroll processing and holiday / vacation time tracking.


PACManager makes sure there is enough people / equipment available for a project and provides the work in progress reports to accurately promise timing to your customers.

Costs Tracking

PACManager knows the cost of employees and equipment and associated expenses to accurately report on company profit and loss.


From the sale of a project to the delivery and all the effort, scheduling and costs between, PAC tracks it all.

Invoice and Payment Tracking

PACManager will integrate with your accounting software to automate steps and streamline your processes plus provide any needed information within the PAC software for reporting and automated notifications without requiring any additional accounting software licenses.


PACManager makes it easy to log expenses to reimburse employees and track those costs against the associated sales efforts, project work or internal expenses.

Loaded Costs

PACManager will know every resource (employees, equipment, vehicles, etc.) and its associated cost. That cost plus overhead (cost of doing business) is tracked and used to provide real time costs and profit reporting.

Inventory Management

PACManager tracks your inventory and provides quick entry functionality to enter items taken from inventory, on order and received.

Asset Management

PACManager makes tracking and managing assets quick and easy. You will know where every asset is and who it using it.


From how your customers found you to the ROI on all your marketing campaigns, PAC tracks it all.

Campaign Tracking

PACManager tracks and reports on all your marketing campaigns so you can better determine what marketing efforts are working and which ones need to be changed.


For making sure your data is backed up to eliminating any unused software costs to security audits, PAC tracks it all.


PACManager customization is unlimited and so are the integration options. If you have software, equipment and / or machines that allow integrations, PAC will integrate with them to streamline your processes and provide the best reporting possible.

Security Audits

Security has never been a higher concern than it is right now. PACManager will manage the audit and regular maintenance of your I.T. and facilities to help prevent you from finding out only too late that you have vulnerabilities.

Human Resources

From tracking resumes to recruiting to onboarding to employee reviews to tracking vacation time and benefits, PAC tracks it all.


PACManager makes tracking resumes, interviews and candidates in the queue for future hiring easy.

Training / Onboarding Videos

PACManager makes managing your companies training videos / documentation easy. This makes onboarding and ongoing employee training consistent and more effective.

Punch Clock

PACManager lets you see where people are working (remote or in the office) and if they are currently working, in a meeting or on a break.

Employee Management

PACManager makes sure your employees are setup correctly for payroll, benefits, scheduled for employee reviews, have signed all employee documents and much more.

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