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where the rubber meets the road
True Costs and Profit Reporting

Spud reports will provide profit and cost data at the task, phase, work order and customer level.

Starting with the basics already coded
Utilizing Spud's Business Management Software

By starting with our software all the following functionality is already developed and tested. Most importanly, we can customize any of the following and create new functionality if needed. This can be done quickly and for a much lower cost than starting from scratch.

Invoice and Payment Tracking

Provide the data to the other managers so they don't have to keep interrupting the finance team. ~4m Video

In Sync with Your Accounting System

Spud syncs with your accounting software and provides the information to the people that need it, so they don’t need to interrupt the accounting team.

Integration with Accounting System

We have been integrating with other systems for 25 years. QuickBooks, PeachTree, Sage and several others plus some custom in house systems as well. Spud will ensure everything is in sync and streamline your accounting tasks.

Punch Clock

So much more than a punch clock. ~3m Video

Know who is working and Where

Working remote is more common than ever and if you offer flex time, Spud will make everyone happier.

Running Payroll

Automate your payroll processing with Spud.

By time logged, Salary or punch clock

Spud tracks both if needed and feeds that data into your payroll system.

Asset Management

Know what assets are in use and where they are assigned or if they are decommissioned and can be taken off the books. ~2m Video

Year End Made Easier

Knowing what assets are in use or can be decommissioned can save year end time and money on taxes.

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