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From Recruiting to ongoing Employee Documentation

Human Resources

Make sure you have candidates in the queue and your employees documentation up to date.

Starting with the basics already coded
Utilizing Spud's Business Management Software

By starting with our software all the following functionality is already developed and tested. Most importanly, we can customize any of the following and create new functionality if needed. This can be done quickly and for a much lower cost than starting from scratch.

Employee Management

Spud's Business Management Software makes sure your employees are setup correctly for payroll, benefits, scheduled for employee reviews, have signed all employee documents and much more. ~2m Video


Spud makes tracking resumes, interviews and candidates in the queue for future hiring easy. ~3m Video

Always have Candidates Available

Finding people is difficult, paying recruiting agencies is also very difficult (meaning crazy expensive). That is why Spud has a recruiting feature built in to help make sure you always have candidates in the queue.

Training / Onboarding Videos

For employees working remote or in the office, have a standardized set of videos to onboard and/or train your employees saves a ton of time and money. ~3m Video

Provides consistent messaging

Having a set of videos to train your employees makes sure everyone is hearing the same key points and understands your business and what you expect from them.

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