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Marketing is a must
Make Sure Your Efforts are Producing Sales

Tracking all aspects of marketing is critical so your business can spend money on what makes the most sense and stop spending on what is wasting time and money.

Starting with the basics already coded
Utilizing Spud's Business Management Software

By starting with our software all the following functionality is already developed and tested. Most importanly, we can customize any of the following and create new functionality if needed. This can be done quickly and for a much lower cost than starting from scratch.

Marketing Efforts Are Step One To Fill The Sales Pipeline

Tracking the marketing activity is easy and the reports it provides can save money by showing where wasted marketing efforts are being spent and even better, show what is working so you can increase spend on those efforts that are paying off.

Here are some of the types of campaigns Spud's Business Management Software will track for you.

Website Activity, Blog Activities, Dropping off Information, Email Campaigns, Events / Shows / Expos / Etc, Gift Mailings, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Newspaper Ads, Postcard / Information Mailings, Purchased Contact Lists, Radio, Referrals, Repeat Business, Social Media, LinkedIn activity / ads, Facebook activity / ads, Other social Media Sites?, TV

Campaign Tracking

Regardless of the level of marketing efforts your business is doing, you want to know what is working vs what is a waste of money. ~3m Video

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