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From the sale to the delivery
Project Tracking, Resource Allocation and Cost Control

These are all part of the operations for any business. How your business goes about getting them done and keeping the profit margin is where our software can help.

Starting with the basics already coded
Utilizing Spud's Business Management Software

By starting with our software all the following functionality is already developed and tested. Most importanly, we can customize any of the following and create new functionality if needed. This can be done quickly and for a much lower cost than starting from scratch.

Work Orders

Whether you call it a Work Order, Project, Job, etc we will customize it to fit your business nomenclature. ~6m Video

It all starts with the Work Order

This shows high level information and can be drilled down to the detail for the project and what has already been completed, what is being worked on and if there are any concerns with the work order.

Work Order - Details

Specifics about the project.

Work Order Details

This shows the client information, work order status, billing type, who is in charge of the project, etc.  Whatever additional information you need to know about a work order, we will add it to this screen or a new tab across the top depending on what makes the most sense.

Work Order - Interactions

Tracks communications with the customer from the sales efforts through the end of the project.

Track your touch points with the customer

Through the sale cycle and as the project evolves, you have a single place with all the important communication information

Quote Builder

This is mostly used by the sales team, but is helpful for project managers to see exactly what was sold to the customer. ~6m Video

Providing consistent quotes helps the project managers deliver

Quickly reference the original quote and all the quote iterations for the current project.

Work Order - Phases

Breaks projects into smaller deliverables for better tracking on larger projects.

Phase Schedule

If you have larger projects and/or projects that have multiple deliverables at different times, this is a great way to track each part of the project.

Work Order - Tasks

Assign tasks and track them through completion. ~4m Video

Task Tracking by Employee

Making sure employees know what they should be working on and in what order helps them do their job better.

Work Order - Payments

Instead of interrupting your accounting team to check on the status of payments, you can quickly look at our software to get the answers you need. ~4m Video

In Sync with Your Accounting System

Our software syncs with your accounting software and provides the information at your fingertips.

Work Order - Mileage

Easily track employees mileage.

It all adds up

Tracking mileage in our software feeds the payroll system for re-imbursement and tracks the costs against the project.

Work Order - Expenses

Tracking every purchase against a work order gives accurate profit reportings. ~2m Video

More costs against the work order

It is important to know what a project actually costs and this makes sure your reports are accurate.

Work Order - Commissions

We make tracking commissions easy and accurate.

Commission Tracking Made Easy

We will customize Spud’s Business Management Software to track commissions to match your business.  

Work Order - Wish List

An easy way to track customer's "I would like to have you guys do X someday".

Don't let customers "some day" items fall through the cracks

Every time a customer says, “I know we can’t do this new change right now, but I think we should revisit this down the road” add it to the wishlist.


Know who is working on what, in the order they are working on it and get notified when it is completed. ~7m Video

From Quoting through Delivery

Our software makes sure there is enough people / equipment available for a project and provides the work in progress reports to accurately promise timing to your customers.

Time Tracking

Spud's Software can track the time against projects for cost analysis and / or for payroll process and holiday / vacation time tracking. ~5m Video

Time is expensive

Entering time on a tasks helps in many ways.

Task Management

Task Tracking ensures your entire team understands what needs to be done. ~4m Video

Breaking a project into tasks

Tasks are assigned responsbility, start and due date and estimated hours

Inventory Management

Maintaining the right amount of inventory has big cost savings. ~3m Video

Knowing what you have

Having accurate inventory when quoting can affect the price and timing being presented to the customer.

Reports / Dashboards

Spud's Business Management Software includes 60+ reports / dashboards. Like anything else in our software, the reports / dashboards can be customized to fit your business.

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