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From Prospects to Closing the Sale
CRM, Follow Ups, Hitting Goals / KPIs

These are all part of sales for any business. Spud’s Business Management Software makes it easy, only collecting the information needed and providing accurate reporting to give notice to the people getting it done.

Starting with the basics already coded
Utilizing Spud's Business Management Software

By starting with our software all the following functionality is already developed and tested. Most importanly, we can customize any of the following and create new functionality if needed. This can be done quickly and for a much lower cost than starting from scratch.

Sales To Do List

Have all your follow ups listed in order and ready to go when you sign into Spud.

Organized by follow up date and type

Automatically organizes your follow ups for the day by type of follow up.  Like all of our software, we will customize it to fit your sales team’s process.

Sales - Activity Tracking

Sales Call Tracker used on your mobile phone is a very effective tool for getting through your to do list quickly. ~7m Video

Quickly enter sales activity

Salespeople want to be selling, not typing on the keyboard all day.  We put quick buttons to save typing and it works great on their mobile phone.


Streamlined quoting processes establish accurate and consistent quotes. ~6m Video

Quote Builder Will Save You Time

Spud makes sure quotes are completed quicker and nothing is missed.


Organize your businesses prospects, clients, vendors and user information.

All your Customers information

Easily access everything about your targets, prospects and customers.


Before there is an opportunity, they are a prospect and Spud makes sure your sales team stays in touch. ~5m Video

From Targets to Prospects

From purchased lists, to referrals, to past clients that have moved on to another company, Spud helps you make sure they are thinking about your business next time they need something.

Referral Partner Management

Great for tracking people sending work your way. ~4m Video

Tracking outside sales Reps

Spud makes tracking your outside sales team / referral partners easy.

Reports / Dashboards

Spud includes 60+ reports / dashboards. Like all of Spud's software, the reports / dashboards can be customized to fit your business.

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