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Every Business Has the Below 6 Departments

Depending on the size of your business, you may have several people in each department or have people over multiple departments and don't even consider them "departments" as much as job roles.

Spud's Business Management Software Solution Tracks them All

The right processes and software significantly impact business success; and organizations utilizing an integrated workflow process systems realize widespread benefits.

Spud Includes all of the following Features

All of these features can be customized to fit the way you run your business.

Sales Tracking

From targeting prospects to quoting to closing the deal, Spud makes it quick and easy.

Operations / Project Management

From when the job is sold, to setting up the tasks to be completed, making sure the project stays within budget to the final delivery Spud has it covered. More…

Finances / Invoicing / Assets

Spud integrates with your accounting software to streamline tasks for the accounting department plus offers some additional tracking / reporting. More…

Marketing Efforts / Campaigns

Spud tracks your marketing campaigns from start through the sales processes.  This helps determine what is working and what needs to be re-evaluated. More…

I.T. / Security / Audits

From all the software your business uses to the firewalls and disaster recovery planning and audits, Spud makes sure they are documented and kept up to date. More…

HR / Employee Docs / Recruiting

Making sure documentation for your employees is up to date is critical and always having candidates in the recruiting queue is a great thing to have when you get that unsuspecting employee quitting without notice. More…

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