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What makes the PACManager process so effective? That is exactly the information we will reveal over the next several weeks. Spud introduces a five week series on the process and reports of PACManager, also referred to as PAC – a Process and Cost Management system.  Today, we will explore how processes plus reports make for effective weekly sales meetings. We will begin the series with sales as it begins our practical and efficient PAC process.

“Having four monitors in my office showing the past, present, future and KPIs is nice, but when it comes to sales meetings, a little prep and up to date reports can make all the difference.” says Derek Sommer, founder and CEO of Spud Software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software work together to improve the overall profitability of a business. CRM is simply a system and process for managing a company’s interactions with current and potential customers while ERP is used to manage the business. That is why PAC is so effective for businesses of all sizes. Below is the process we use at Spud and some sample reports that make sales meetings quicker and more productive.

We have our CRM/ERP software, PAC, combine all reports needed for the meeting into a single PDF.  It then emails the PDF to the Sales Manager forty-five minutes before the weekly sales meeting.

The sales manager sets aside thirty minutes prior to the sales meeting to review and mark up the report.  The report should answer 90% of any questions / concerns leaving the meeting for discussion of the remaining 10%. The reports show past, present, and future information relevant to the sales meeting.

The Past

  1. Lost Leads with an explanation of why they were lost, including the effort (time and cost) put into the sales lead
  2. Newly added prospects and related information
  3. Sold jobs with their financials and if the work / next steps have been started

The Present

  1. Shows sales leads that have not changed the status since the last meeting, but did have activity
  2. Shows sales leads waiting for internal quoting, etc. which may be holding up the sales process

The Future

  1. Shows the activity happening in the next 7 days
  2. Shows sales leads expected to close in the next 30 days to help with resource planning

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  1. Shows goals versus actual on predefined expectations.  For example, what was added in last 7 days including sales status changes, what actions were taken in last 7 days, what actions to be taken in the next 7 days and if anything is past due

If you or your company struggle with efficient, cost effective processes, let us see if we can help with PAC. Feel free to reach out to us at 810-695-0001 or contact us with any questions regarding the process.