It is a long-established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


Here is the situation:You have a great sales team but every time you look at the activity reports or KPIs they are gaps in the data, or no data at all.  How do you get your sales team to log their activity?

The options:

  1. Threaten your team, tell them this is last straw or you are going to take away their commissions or fire them if they don’t follow the process.
  2. Accept it as normal and stop looking at the reports and just hope that the sales keep coming in and everyone is carrying their own weight when it comes to hitting their numbers.
  3. Make it easier for them. For example, have their phone list the calls they need to make where they can click a button to call and after the call ends give them 5 buttons to choose from to log their activity.  Rinse and repeat.  They can fly through their calls and you get the KPIs you need to determine who is carrying their own weight and who needs some attention.


You want your team as productive as possible and they want to be talking to prospects without “wasting time” logging their activity.  The fact is that you need the data because without it you can lose months or even years of opportunities by having non-performers sucking payroll and other time wasters.  Whatever software you have your team use, make sure it is as streamlined, easy to use as possible and most importantly, they are involved in the software decision / customization process.  If your team understands how the software is used by management and you aren’t asking for useless unused data to be entered, good team members will accept the need for accountability and follow the process.  In short, keep it simple and get their buy in.