It is a long-established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


Here is the situation:You have 150 or less  employees, you are using numerous software’s to run your business and you want it organized, optimized and everyone doing things the same way every time.

The options:

  1. Hire a dedicated software manager to tell you that you need to have less software and get things organized.  They make a career out of figuring out how to change things in the business, try this software then that one and end up frustrating the team and yourself.  A year goes by, you let them go and you are worse off than you are now.
  2. Have one of you current team members take on the challenge.  This leads to them not doing the job they were hire for, plus because they don’t know all the software options and best practices they try a couple things, as time permits and before you know it a year has gone by and they have been less than stellar at the job they were suppose to be doing and you haven’t gotten any closer to better reporting, processes and having a well oiled machine.
  3. Tell your ops manager to find a partner and get it done.  This route will cost a little more up front, but if they know what they are doing it will save you tons of time, energy and money because of their experience of what not to do, how to roll out software, develop a road map that makes sense for everyone and ultimately pays for the services by optimizing the way things are done making your business that much more profitable.


Bringing on more over head to organize / optimize your software needs usually ends up with wasted time, money and energy.  Like most situations, if you can bring on an experienced team of people that can get things done quickly, effectively and be there for you for years to come, as you need them, you will be better off.