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When implementing software, your team will make it a success or complete waste of time and money. That’s why it’s essential to get buy-in from team members regarding the software change. Most people don’t like change. This fact is especially true if they feel the change is forced on them versus being actively involved in the change. Avoiding the following issues can make all the difference in the world to a successful software implementation.

Resistance to Change

As we already observed, it is safe to assume there will be staff resistance to the new software. Employees that are happy with the existing system will not see the value of learning the new system. To alleviate this stress, meet to discuss the benefits of the new software before implementation. If you can show it will reduce headaches and increase efficiency, you will ease employee apprehension.

Unclear Expectations

No employee is comfortable when their role and responsibilities are uncertain. You and the software vendor, including developers, designers, and customer success managers, need to work closely with your team vendor to define the expectations of each team member throughout the implementation. It is also critical that the software vendor communicates what they will provide throughout the implementation process. The project team should discuss the interests of each department and work together to develop the implementation plan. You need to establish and communicate the amount of on-site support the vendor will provide during roll-out. This plan will let your team identify potential user problems that will need to be addressed within the timeframe for implementing software.

Training Trepidations

Few of us are excited about having to learn a new skill set, particularly when job performance is tied to it. It is vital to have an onboarding plan that shows staff how training will take place. It is also helpful to explain the post-implementation vendor support available if your employees have questions or issues.

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