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Invoice and Payment Tracking

PACManager will integrate with your accounting software to automate steps and streamline your processes plus provide any needed information within the PAC software for reporting and automated notifications without requiring any additional accounting software licenses.

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Invoice and Payment Tracking
Invoice and Payment Tracking Invoice and Payment Tracking Invoice and Payment Tracking Invoice and Payment Tracking
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Help lighten the load on the accounting team

The accounting department is often under staffed and overloaded with all the nuances of invoicing and making sure nothing gets missed.

  • Easy integration: We will integrate your accounting software with PACManager for you and make sure all related information is shared between the two systems with no (or minimal) duplicate data entry.
  • Reduced license costs: Minimize accounting software licensing costs since PACManager will provide any information needed to employees outside the accounting department, meaning only the account team needs licenses.
  • Streamline invoicing: PACManager will make sure everything is taken into account when an invoice is generated. If needed PAC can require a review / approval prior to sending out the invoice.
  • Save time for accounting department: Sales and the management team will be able to see for themselves if invoices have been sent and/or paid, saving the accounting department from getting all those calls / emails asking for status updates.
  • Payments received notifications: Automatically let the team know once a payment has been received so work can begin / continue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have this feature in PAC?

You don't have to track assets in PAC. If you have your assets in another system (and it isn't costing you any additional fees or labor) that PAC can integrate with we can get the data for the reports from your existing system. If you aren't currently tracking your assets, we highly recommend you do (ideally with asset tags) for your accounting manager.

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Can I start using PAC now and worry about using this feature down the road?

Absolutely. We would like to see you have everything in one system eventually, but if it isn't needed right now, we can table it for down the road.

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I see the screen image above, does it have more functionality than that?

PAC is designed to be the base for your business management software. It can be customized any way needed to best fit your business.

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Will every user have access to this feature?

Only if you want them to. Every feature has security access settings that you can grant / deny access (or we can do it for you). Reports have their own security settings as well, so you can grant access to specific reports and not the data entry screens if that makes the most sense for your business needs.

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Is the monthly fee different based on whether I use this feature or not?

PAC has a single flat monthly fee that covers the entire system regardless of what features you are currently using.

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Is the monthly fee different based on the number of users using PAC?

We don't charge based on user because we believe the data and reports are more accurate if everyone is using PAC.

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