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The Process for a PACManager Solution and Custom from Scratch are Both the same

The Process goes faster with the PACManager solution because we already have the majority of the design spec and softwaer features created, but just like a custom from scratch solution we will Define, Design, Develop and Delivery your software.

The Process Makes The Difference

When it comes to software design, agile has a specific meaning, “a method of project management that is characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work.” This all sounds nice, but it isn’t easy without having the processes and team to make sure it happens. This is where Spud’s methodology and proprietary processes come in.

Spud has a proven process that has evolved with the last 25 years of working with clients of all sizes and industries. Learn more about our 4 step approach of Define, Design, Develop and Deliver below.


Make no mistake, the Define Phase is the most important part of our process. We learn about your business goals and objectives.  After that, we can get to work and make it happen for you. 

Requirements engineering is a multi-faceted process, driven by a close analysis of your business and its systems. We come up with the formula to ensure your project’s success well into the future.


Where expertise, creativity and great communication meet.  Once we have the big picture, understanding and key requirements, we work on the design of your project including the deployment road map.  Using our agile approach, a larger project, the more releases we do for your review and input.  We design your project to meet your user requirements, timing and budget.

As it makes sense, we create flowcharts, wireframes and documentation explaining the specifics of each release.  The further out the release, the less time we spend outlining the specifics just in case the road map changes before we get to that release.


We roll up our sleeves and get the job done. Imagine talking to the person on the assembly line building your car, and asking him to make a little change “here” and a little tweak “there.” We implement this into the development process at Spud. Moreover, we continue to keep you involved in the process, ensuring your satisfaction with the end product. 

Communication, ever-present during the “Define” and “Design” phases, is especially critical now. We communicate with you as things progress. Our founder Derek Sommer says, “I’ve never had a client call me and say, ‘Stop telling me what is happening with my project!’”


Next we deploy to production. It might be just a single release or the entire project. Either way, we make sure that everyone involved understands what is going on, what is expected of them and, if there is training required, we can handle that as well. We don’t stop here. Even if this was the final release, we acknowledge that additional support may be needed. We begin work on any updates or changes now ready for development. In conclusion, Spud is always here for our clients.

Timeline for a Full PACManager Implementation

Some of our clients start with just a feature or two and add additional features are as it makes the most sense, but if you are looking for a complete business management software implementation below is the order and timing we like to stick to.

Worth Mentioning

With the PACManager Solution everything below is included with the flat monthly fee except the 6 of the 24 boxes where it calls out customization. PACManager is the best option for business management software.

Our Team and Process Make the Difference

Spud will meet with your team, document what needs to be done, offer suggestions on process improvement, customize PACManager to fit your business, implement and support PACManager.

Our process for implementing PACManager minimizes the time needed from your team to outline the customization requirements, gets everyone engaged and excited about the implementation and makes sure everything is taken into consideration when determining the implementation roadmap.

The Spud Implementation Team is well trained and experts in processes, software, data collection and reporting. Your assigned implementer is your go to person and dedicated to the success of your PACManager implementation and ongoing support.

Let us provide you the service and support you need to be successful.

It can be done in 20 weeks

We know that some will find this a bit aggressive and others may wonder why it takes 20 weeks when they can buy a SaaS system and have it turned on in minutes.

For larger businesses with several department heads and dozens of systems it is aggressive, but we feel with our implementation workbook (filled with questions that we fill out for you) and 24+ years experience of implementing business process systems, we can get it done quicker and better than anyone else.

For smaller organization, 20 weeks may seem like an eternity, especially when there are software systems out there that promise the world and all you need to do is sign up, pay monthly and magically everyone will start using it.

Unfortunately, too many companies get lead to believe that SaaS software can be easily customized. Only after signing up, they find out they need to send people to training or hire some 3rd party consulting firm (who doesn’t even do the customization) and then find out that certain things just aren’t possible within the one size fits all SaaS solution.