Spud is a Local Michigan-Based Software Consulting Company Focused on Your Success

Proper consulting, when performed efficiently, can achieve significant cost savings for our clients. Whether it’s a consulting role while scoping out projects, putting together an ROI strategy, or streamlining business processes and integration points, Spud has the team and the years of experience to get it done right. Our approach to consulting takes into consideration what is best for the client and what can be completed within the clients’ budget and timeframe. We will be your business advisor and partner. When you come to us with a problem, we are excited to work with you to find the best solution based on your situation, timing requirements and budget. We are passionate about helping you make the completion of the project a reality.

We Don’t Just Write Your Software, We Help You Define Your Software and Improve Your Processes

Our approach to defining and designing software applications allows us to assist you in working through your processes to make them the best they can be. Our 20 years of experience with companies across diverse industries gives us a distinct advantage. We use our experiences to help our clients better understand their own operations through documenting and streamlining internal systems/processes. Because we have been exposed to so many different industries, including Michigan based manufacturing and automotive, we are very well-rounded and we have exposure to a lot of diverse ways of doing things. We help our clients by passing those experiences on to them to help them be more successful.

Spud’s Consulting Process Begins with Discovery

We start with an understanding of the clients’ expectations and the ideal result. Based on this information, Spud gets to know the key players that will be involved in the solution. We usually ask for an organization chart and contact information. We have found that when people are part of a solution and have an opportunity to have input or understand why things are done a specific way, and why that way is important to the proposed solution, the project is going to succeed. Not that everyone has to be involved in the solution design, but in our experience, more players end up needing to get involved than originally anticipated.

For example, when we are mapping out a business process, it isn’t very long before we start hearing phrases like: “I am not sure how that gets done” or “I don’t know why but that is how we have always done it” or “I know this is what they want me to do, but I do it this way” or “That process has never worked, we do this instead”. As much as no one wants to hear these phrases, it’s part of the process and they need to be looked at as an opportunity to fix things and make things better for everyone. When Spud is done writing up a business process, we want everyone to understand it, buy into it, and be excited about putting it into place.

Does Your Company Need a Better Solution?

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