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What can Spud do for your company? Our team is experienced and efficient in our use of SAAS, Microsoft, SQL, Mobile Applications and other programs. We get involved. We learn your business. We become an extension of your company. We essentially become your IT Team. Whatever you need us to do, for however long you need us to do it, when you hire Spud as part of your company’s solution for the future, we become a part of your company. And, the beauty of it is, we are only there and billing for the time when you need stuff done.

Consider These Scenarios:

Your next project requires four developers for four weeks and then only one developer for the rest of the year or next several months. Why use your resources to recruit, hire and train a full-time staff- only to let them go or have that additional expense for years to come? Call Spud! WE can be a very useful resource. We are local and can be called upon do a project with custom programming based on Time & Materials or Fixed Price. We are there for you, we get things done and then we deliver.

If your internal IT development team is overbooked or if your company doesn’t have IT resources, we can help. If your company is going through a growth spurt and the current way of doing business isn’t going to make the cut, we can help. If you are expanding locations, staff, and/or client base, launching a new product/service, consolidating multiple systems, or need their existing systems to communicate, etc., we have the experience to make it happen.

If you are looking for ways to streamline operations, including integrations, replacing the old software with a custom program, eliminating duplicate data entry, eliminating paper processes, or need to track production/staff and hold people accountable, we can create a workflow solution that fits your needs.

If you have a project where the wheels are falling off the cart and need someone to come in and get it back on track and completed, we can get it done for you.

If you have an IT department, but your project falls outside of their skillset, bandwidth or timeframe to do it, we can help. To be clear, we don’t do recruiting and staffing. What we provide is short-term staffing help. This is for bigger companies that have a have a big IT department, but they need a very specific project completed or a piece of a project completed and they don’t have the skill set to do, the bandwidth to do it or the timeframe to do it in. When we get involved, we work with their team, no differently than if we were one of the guys or their employees. We bring a variety of skill sets including experienced developers and programmers who create software solutions using SAAS, Microsoft, SQL, and more. We get the job done.

Finally, if your current software provider isn’t getting the job done, we can. Let’s say you have a project that is not getting completed, or it is not being done right and needs to be rewritten, we can take over an existing project and finish it. This is something we’ve done a lot of. Yes, it usually involves a learning curve. To understand your current system, our team goes through your system and documents it. It is the same tried and true process we follow with all our projects. We Define, Design, Develop and Deliver.

We create the flowcharts. We create the wireframes. We write up the Design Spec of how it works, or how it is supposed to work. Then we make it happen. You get a custom programming solution from a local tech company that is there for you every step of the way.

How Do We Know Our Custom Software Programs Solve Your Business Needs?

Our 20 years of experience developing custom software programs in SE Michigan has allowed us to master our plan for success. This plan includes very detailed documentation and wireframes. The wireframes are critical because even if we are only making a small change, we want to explain and show what that change will do in the wireframes before we get any kind of formal approval from you (our client) to implement any development work.

It is important to understand that the cost of manipulating the wireframes to show what the program is going to do is a small fraction of the cost of having the developers do it. Making changes can be done on the fly very easily, even while we are in meetings if needed. And if the client approves it, we update the wording in the design spec, get sign-off and we are off and developing.

We like to maintain the documentation of the flowchart, wireframe and design spec throughout the entire life of the software. This is for our client’s benefit as much as ours. In the event the client decides they want to bring the work in-house or move to another company, they have all the documentation they need to do that. Also, as the client project evolves, it is easy to make updates to the wireframes to show what changes are going to be done and get sign-off on it. Maintaining the documentation is extremely cost-effective.

Does Your Company Need a Better Solution?

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