Our Experienced Project Managers Ensure Your Project is Completed On-Time and On-Budget

There are many important roles in the success of a project, but the fact is, someone needs to be in charge and make sure the project is a success. That person is the project manager. Every project that Spud takes on (big or small) is assigned an experienced, dedicated, Michigan-based project manager.

At the surface level, Spud’s Project Managers are responsible for the following:

  1. Clear and concise description of client expectations
  2. Kick off meetings, client sign-offs and our “Lessons Learned” meeting
  3. Weekly status reports that include: what was done in the last 7 days, what will be completed in the next 7 days, open items needed from the client or other parties involved, and any additional concerns
  4. Making sure our quality assurance (QA) process is being followed and tracked
  5. The development team is properly allocated and is sticking to the prescribed timeline
  6. The project is delivered on time and within budget

The Success of Your Project Depends on Spud’s Organization, Communication and Dedication

Now that we explained the simple part of the job, the strength of Spud’s project management team goes way beyond the above list. The above list is what should be expected from every project-based company. A truly great project manager is a person who includes the above tasks as part of their daily routine, but also makes sure all the parties involved are working together toward the same goal. We may be biased, but we feel our project managers are the best in SE Michigan and here’s why: many of our clients’ projects include integrations from several different systems from different suppliers. As you can imagine, getting everyone on the same page and working together isn’t always easy. But Spud’s extremely organized project managers excel at it. It is through years of experience, having patience and people skills, excellent communication skills and the overall drive to make projects successful that make the project managers at Spud stand out above the rest.

With Spud, You Get a Responsible Team Player- Ready to Take Charge

If everyone is in charge, no one is in charge, and to complete a project on time and within budget, someone needs to run the show. We have the experience to get things done and motivate the rest of the team to stay on task and meet their respective milestones. We strive to make everyone feel they are an important part of the team and realize that if anyone fails, we all fail. At the same time, when a project succeeds, we’ve ALL succeeded. Because we take such pride in the projects we take on, we feel it is important to make sure it’s clear who is responsible for the delivery of the project right out of the gate. At Spud, we prefer to take responsibility for our projects.

Does Your Company Need a Better Process

If you are looking for a software company in SE Michigan you can count on to get things done, call Spud. Our team is your team. Together, we make your project a success.

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