Every Project Spud Takes on Begins with a Proper Project Scope

Before development can begin on any Spud project, it is important we take the time to perform a thorough project scope in order to provide a realistic proposal with costs and timing. It’s part of our proven process for developing creative custom software solutions. This allows everyone involved to know exactly what it will take to complete it- before we get too deep.

There are three different Project Scoping services Spud offers:

Spud is a resource used by many SE Michigan companies to scope out a Request for Quote (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP) that is going to be bid on by any number of companies. The companies that use Spud for this service range in size, but typically involve larger projects that want to make sure as much as possible is taken into consideration before sending out the RFQ. When scoping for an RFQ it is important to not only create the vision of the product solution wanted by the client but also address as many questions as possible that the companies quoting the project may have.
When we prepare an RFQ for a client, we work hard to minimize the number of questions the companies quoting may have by designing the RFQ in such a way that a company with no previous knowledge about the needs of the client can easily understand the project requirements and expectations. If these questions are not addressed beforehand it ends up taking more time from our client project champion and many times it can cause unnecessary confusion. If the people wanting to quote the project don’t clearly understand the requirements there is a good chance the proposals received from the people bidding won’t be in an easy to understand and consistent format. That's where our 20 years of experience in project scoping comes in. We want the RFQ designed in such a way that the proposal submitted follow a specific flow and are consistent with all companies that bid. The client project champion should be comparing apples vs apples, not apples vs oranges.
Our proven process allows better decision making by the project champion and makes sure they are going with the best supplier for their specific needs. The better the project is scoped for the RFQ, the better the proposals that come in will be, which is a win for everyone involved.
This type of creative project scoping is more for Start-up companies or existing companies going into a new direction. These clients look to Spud to create a project scope and include budgetary numbers to put together a business plan and/or get investors. Spud has been involved in helping start-ups get venture capitalists, grants, angel investors and loans from financial institutions in SE Michigan for over 20 years. Our project scope process includes much of the same work as creating the RFQ but usually includes pricing and timing if Spud was requested to perform the work.

With many start-ups, there is usually more than one project scope requirement. There can be a pilot version, future enhancement schedules as well as detailed ongoing support details needed. And when needed, Spud even participates in the presentation to the investors. This type of project scoping is useful to determine if our client wants to pursue development. To determine if a project’s success is viable, Spud works with the client to help determine the return on investment (ROI). The ROI may be based on monetizing the solution or be based on cost savings for the client. Regardless, Spud works hard to provide as much detail as possible to help our clients make the best business decision possible.
The third type of project scoping Spud offers is for clients that are looking for a complete solution from soup to nuts and has already decided that Spud is the Michigan- based company to make it happen. This is the same as the second type of project scoping but also includes getting more people involved to finalize the scope of the project. Spud creates the detailed flowcharts, wireframes and design spec. This type of project scoping falls directly in line with our Define and Design phases of our proven process for every development project. Read more about Define and Design

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