Sales, projects, products, resources, costs, process tracking and so much more

No two businesses run the same way, but all businesses have sales, operations, deliverables and invoicing.  PACManager has these features, plus many more in the core, to the point where we can quickly tailor it to fit the way you do business.  

We do all the customization for you.

We can modify any of the modules below to fit your business

They are all included with your flat monthly fee.

modules included for a single Flat Monthly fee


Keeps prospects, clients, vendors and users of PACManager organized, tracks activity and provides powerful reports.


Makes sure your sales pipeline stays full and makes sure prospects are added and followed up on a regular basis.

Sales Tracking

From follow ups to effort to commissions, PAC tracks it. The sales meeting report has saved companies a ton of money in time and unnecessary effort.

Referral Partners

If your company utilizes outside sales reps and / or do referral commissions, this is a huge help to track everything.

Project Tracking

Tracking projects from the day it was sold, to the delivery and on going support, PAC helps get it done on time and knows the effort, cost and profit.

Task Tracking

PAC knows what, who and when something needs to be completed and makes sure everyone stays on top of it. PAC also knows the costs involved.

Resource Tracking

PAC is very good at making sure you have the right people / equipment at the right time to keep a project on track.

Payment Tracking

PAC is not an accounting system, but when integrated with yours, PAC has that critical information for the managers to know where financials are at without extra accounting software licenses.

Time Tracking

PAC can track the time against projects for cost analysis and / or for payroll process and holiday / vacation time tracking.

Punch Clock

If you just want to know who is currently working or track time for payroll, PAC does it.

Tracking Expenses

Expenses for internal needs and / or for a project, PAC tracks it and takes it into account when calculating profit.

Mileage / Travel Expenses

Just like purchases for internal use or against a job, PAC tracks these and takes them into account when figuring out profit.

Loaded Costs

Every resource, whether a person or equipment, has a cost. That cost plus overhead (cost of doing business) is tracked and used for reporting.

Inventory Tracking

PAC includes an inventory tracking module that has min / max and reorder notifications.

Asset Tracking

Your CFO will love you for having a year end asset list of everything in use, decommissioned, and recently purchased. PAC can provide that data.


There are times proprietary systems are needed within a business, and Spud has integrated with hundreds of them which makes PAC reports and tracking all the more powerful.

Ongoing Support

Best of all, the Spud team that sticks with you and is in constant communication with you and / or your team to make sure everyone is getting the most out of PAC.

We would love to talk to you

Give us a call (810) 695-0001, email or reach out through the ‘contact us‘ form, and we will help determine if PAC is a good fit for your business.

with PACManager there is a return on your investment by saving costs and time

Take into account labor hours wasted by inefficiencies, onboarding costs and dealing with bad / missing data.


Every business needs software to run effectively and efficiently.  The ultimate question is what makes the most sense for your business?

Take into account your savings by minimizing software licenses, ongoing fees and training for all the different systems you are currently paying for.

Robust Customization

Fast roll out and implementation
$ 2,900 Monthly
  • All features outlined above
  • Unlimited users
  • Includes 160 hours of customization
  • Additional customization at $150 / hour
most popular

Moderate Customization

Implementation as it makes sense
$ 2,000 Monthly
  • All features outlined above
  • Unlimited users
  • Includes 80 hours of customization
  • Additional customization at $175 / hour

Minimal Customization

For new businesses with minimal customization needed
$ 1,200 Monthly
  • All features outlined above
  • Unlimited users
  • Includes 40 hours of customization
  • Additional customization at $200 / hour

Why Spud Software?

We become an extension of your team dedicated to your businesses success and the software to help you get there.

Our software has a single flat monthly fee.  There is no reason you should be paying more per user.  We want everyone using the system. The only way a business can succeed is if everyone is on board going toward the same goal, and using the same software.

The entire Spud team is located in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  We understand what it takes to run a successful business in America.

The included hours for support will get you started with making PACManager fit your business needs. Additional customization, training, and reports can be discussed as your business grows.

flat fee PER MONTH

We don’t believe in charging per user.  We want everyone using PACManager for your business.  Our flat month fees include the following:

  • A dedicated database and code set so customization is unlimited and other clients updates won’t affect your version of PAC. 
  • Included support for customization including reports, coding, data clean up, training and documentation.
  • A monthly meeting with your leadership to review how PAC is being used, areas for improvement / updates, new modules being added to PAC and anything we need to take into account with up coming business needs.
  • Hosting the software with your dedicated URL,
  • Dedicated point person at Spud to help.
Why Use Process and Cost Management Software?

Great Software saves money, time, profits, headaches and turnover

Reduction vs. Improvement

  • 14% Saw Reduction in Operational Costs
  • 13% Saw Reduction in Administrative Costs vs. 17% More Internal Schedule Compliance
  • 18% Faster Cycle Times – From Sale to Completion
  • 33% Improvement in Inventory Returns

On Average Businesses That Use Workflow Process Software

  • Reduce operation costs by 11%  
  • Standardize back-office processes by 77% 
  • Have a 48% increase in visible data

Everyone Wins When Processes are Followed


  • When a person knows what they are expected to do and when it needs to be done, they are more likely to get it done and feel accomplished afterwards.
  • A great software will eliminate the stress that comes with the unknown.
  • A great software workflow system contributes to a positive job experience.
  • Imagine your team driving home after work knowing they accomplished what was expected of them so they can enjoy the rest of the day without worry.
  • People that enjoy their job perform better, which in turn makes companies more successful.

Benefits of Workflow Process Software

  • Security and regulatory compliance: keep data safe and regulated with built-in protections. 
  • Productivity: eliminate redundant processes and tasks through automation. 
  • Integrated Information: All customer and financial data, housed in one location. 
  • Total Visibility: ERP allows complete access to every critical process in your business. 
  • Improved Reporting and Planning: PAC gives you the ability to analyze and compare functions across departments, without the hassle of multiple spreadsheets, hand written notes and best guesses. 
  • Efficiency: Properly implemented ERP software can reduce the time and effort required by your workforce to carry out their daily activities.


“PACManager is the ultimate watchdog for your business.”
– Derek Sommer
Owner / CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I be up and running?

Less than 30 days is the goal.  The first 30 days are spent setting up the QA (testing) and Production hosting environments, cleansing and importing your data, and setting up users.  Next, we map out the release schedule based on the most important modules first creating a road map.

How is PACManager different from other subscription software or an out-of-the-box solution?

Every client has their own set of code and database. This allows for unrestricted customization and a quicker turn-around.
Our entire staff works in Grand Blanc, MI providing the best support possible.
We view ourselves as your partner, not another number in the churn statistic.
We understand your business needs are unique, and PACManager molds around your business, instead of trying to fit your business around a software.
You pay a single flat monthly fee regardless of the number of users.

What kinds of companies does PAC make sense for?

Companies that are:

  • using paper or Excel to track / report stuff.
  • using numerous software systems that don’t integrate.
  • wanting real time, accurate reporting.
  • wanting real support and more of a partner.
  • just want things handled by experts without requiring additional staff being hired to support it.
Is development or any level of support outsourced?

Absolutely not. All work including project management, development and ongoing support is done in our office in Grand Blanc, MI by Spud Software.

What kind of support can I expect?

We are committed to making sure all our clients are successful. You should expect and will receive awesome support. We are available via phone and email Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm EST to support you with your business and the PACManager software.