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Sales Tracking

Quick and easy to use sales activity tracking requires minimal effort from the sales team, but still creates all the information needed for powerful reports and tracking of sales efforts.

Sales Tracking
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Sales needs to be tracked, but it doesn't have to be cumbersome or unnecessarily time consuming.

PAC will be customized to fit your sales process and sale lead statuses, but keep it simple and easy to use.

  • Action list: From the moment your sales team signs into PAC, they have all the information they need, organized in the way they need it to get at what they love to do. Sell.
  • Quoting: Create quotes quickly and make sure everything is taken into account when estimating
  • Powerful reports: Past, present and projected future dashboard reports with drill down details.
  • Commission Calculator: Calculates commission by person, job, sale amount, volume, min/max or whatever else needed to make sure your sales people are getting their correct commissions
  • Sales meeting agenda report: Save time by having the weekly sales meeting agenda automatically created with real time, accurate information to review in the meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have this feature in PAC?

You don't have to track assets in PAC. If you have your assets in another system (and it isn't costing you any additional fees or labor) that PAC can integrate with we can get the data for the reports from your existing system. If you aren't currently tracking your assets, we highly recommend you do (ideally with asset tags) for your accounting manager.

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Can I start using PAC now and worry about using this feature down the road?

Absolutely. We would like to see you have everything in one system eventually, but if it isn't needed right now, we can table it for down the road.

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I see the screen image above, does it have more functionality than that?

PAC is designed to be the base for your business management software. It can be customized any way needed to best fit your business.

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Will every user have access to this feature?

Only if you want them to. Every feature has security access settings that you can grant / deny access (or we can do it for you). Reports have their own security settings as well, so you can grant access to specific reports and not the data entry screens if that makes the most sense for your business needs.

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Is the monthly fee different based on whether I use this feature or not?

PAC has a single flat monthly fee that covers the entire system regardless of what features you are currently using.

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Is the monthly fee different based on the number of users using PAC?

We don't charge based on user because we believe the data and reports are more accurate if everyone is using PAC.

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