It is a long-established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


Effective software reporting tools provide a versatile approach to organizing data – allowing users to extract and present information in charts, tables, and other visualizations. While the main purpose of software reporting tools are to translate data into actionable information; reporting should fit within an organizations strategic business goals in order to be useful. There are also many use cases for reporting tools, from managing performance data to allowing customers, to leverage reporting of their own information.

In the context of business information, reporting is functionally critical to the early stages of corporate analysis; and as such, plays the important role of visualizing and communicating data. It does so by utilizing a number of different components from charts, graphs, tables, and other widgets. A report can be made up of one or many of these components. These representations may be used in different ways, but they are all beneficial for the purpose of presenting information in an accurate and usable manner.

Reports can also vary in their interactivity. While static reports cannot be changed by the end users; interactive reports provide navigation through various hierarchies and visualization elements; sorting, filtering and viewing data at the click of a button. This ability to access data in an adaptable, real-time format is extremely powerful for business development.

Reporting is commonly an early step in data processing that achieves the goal of delivering interactive, actionable information. All of these features provide further exploration of data for the most accurate insights. Actionable information empowers users with the knowledge to make critical business decisions.

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