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Should you change your business to fit around a product or service or should the product or service change to fit your business needs? It may seem like an obvious answer, but business owners are still changing their processes to fit software that might not necessarily offer everything they require. 

Additionally, many software packages are made with generic/common functionalities that can work for a number of businesses rather than being specially tailored to one, meaning that some functions might not even be necessary for a particular company that uses it. Spud Software has developed a model to fit most industries, which is a perfect choice for many businesses. We’re certainly not ruling out that great option. But it’s time to stop thinking of all business types as “one-size-fits-all.” Your business is unique. Your software should and can be too. 

So, at what point should you consider custom software?

1. You need something your software can’t provide
Since your business is unique, you likely have unique business needs. If you’re changing the way your business operates just so that you can fit into a box, it’s time to consider custom software, especially if these changes are impacting your business negatively.

We take the time to meet with you face-to-face and listen to your needs. During this period, we will learn all that we can about your business This will help us understand how you operate so that it fits you and not “everyone else.” Once we have enough information to get started, our team will work directly with your team. Consider this a partnership – we’ll work around your working hours and availability so that this process goes smoothly for you. 

2. You need to establish your processes
It’s possible you already have great processes, but what good is that if no one follows them? Out-of-the-box software solutions may be frustrating your employees to the point where they stop using them altogether, resorting back to paper processes and individual practices. 

Software establishes the process. Since we’ll have the opportunity to absorb all that we can about your business processes, we’ll design your business software solution in a way that your employees will use and understand. It will become their go-to for anything they may need to do their job well. 

3. You want to own it
Are you ready to break up with subscription fees? Or maybe you’re afraid to lose data to an out-of-the-box solution that will erase everything as soon as you cancel. 

When you choose custom software, it’s all yours. You can tweak it as your business evolves or as your processes change. We’re always here for support and are happy to design new features to complement your business growth.

If you’re ready to think outside of the box, give us a call at 810.258.3033 or fill out a form to begin the conversation.