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Weekly sales meetings are important and the time spent in the meeting needs to be effective.  I have seen too many meetings where people are arguing about the data being accurate or there being no data and just a group of sales people stating, they have a lot of “irons in the fire”.  This is no way to spend any meeting.  I recommend having a report that is sent to the sales manager and each salesperson the morning of the sales meeting.  It is reviewed ahead of time and the meeting is run in one of the following 2 formats.

Option 1 – The sales manager marks up the report prior to the meeting and in the meeting talks to any of the concerns / questions / stalled leads / new opportunities they are most interested in hearing about.

Option 2 – Have each sales person “present”, meaning touching on the highlights in the report and discussing any KPIs that haven’t been met or larger opportunities that they may need additional resources / time to close, etc.

I know there are endless variants to the above, but the most important part is the meeting is run based on accurate and real time data that shows past, present and future information so the sales manager knows exactly what is really going on in the sales pipeline.

I hope this helps. As always, please reach out if you want better insight into your business and are looking for a team to support your needs and work hard to help your business grow.