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Whether you are new to having employees working remote or have been doing it for years, we (management / leadership) all get that feeling of concern if our team is putting in the hours.  We have found that most people are putting in the effort and in some cases even more productive working remote.  Depending on your team, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt may not be a good business practice. We all like to have a piece of mind and accurate, real-time data can help.  When implementing time tracking, getting everyone on board is critical.  Here are some items you can share with your team to get their buy in:

  1. We know that working from home can be challenging and not the usual 8 to 5, so letting people know that you are currently working, taking a break or done for the day can help prevent interruptions while you are not working.
  2. It will be nice for people to be able to see if you are currently working so they know whether they should call you or send you an email to get with them once you are back at your desk.
  3. We want to implement an easier way to know who is available in real-time and not worry about interrupting team member’s personal time.
  4. Instead of running around the office trying to find someone it will be nice to be able to check the system and see if they are in the office, done for the day or working remote.
  5. We know it is sometimes difficult to track your time when you are working from home and trying to balance work, family and other things that come up when working from home during the day.  This will help you track your work time.

As a side note, if you are a business that bills hourly, knowing if your team is putting in the hours could be directly related with hitting your billable hours goal.  Hours worked vs hours billed can’t always be just a percentage of the hours worked, it may make sense to also have a number of hours KPI regardless of hours worked for some team members.