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You know it is coming.  That time when all your employees are expecting a year end review and a raise.

Do you have the data to make sure the employees that went above and beyond are getting taken care of because they hit their KPIs, reached (or surpassed) their goals / responsibilities?

Do you have the historical information on their review and pay increase history at your finger tips?

If it is a situation where an employee hasn’t been performing as expected, do you have the tools in place to retrain them and/or to put together a success plan with KPIs / goals so the next time they have a review and they hit those KPIs / goals they can get a pay increase?

PACManager tracks everything in your business.  Sales, Operations, Finance, Marketing, IT and HR.

Check out the 1.5 minute video below about PACManager.

If you are looking for the most flexible ERP software with a great support team (all located in Michigan) that focuses on your business and helping you optimize your processes and be as profitable as possible, please let me know.