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Have you ever sat there, stared into the abyss and wondered how to begin to organize something?  The reason we often have that overwhelming feeling when it comes to organizing is because we have no idea where to start.  Particularly when organizing processes in the workplace, it can feel like you are in so deep that you have no idea how to get out. Does this sound familiar?  Well, we are here to help!  Keep reading to uncover simple ways to get started.

Firstthing to do when organizing your processes is to get all of your existing process documentation in one location; whether it is in paper form or stored electronically, it is critical for all documentation to be in a centrally located place.

Next, you will want to define your processes and group them in one of three categories:

Group 1 – Processes that no longer apply
Group 2 – Processes that need to be updated
Group 3 – Processes that are current and accurate

With Group 1, discard everything in this category.  There is a sense of satisfaction in discarding processes that no longer make sense for your business or business plan. Once this is done, you will need to assign individual team members or a team to update the processes in Group 2.  By setting due dates for the team or team members, you will have new, functional processes that are ready to be implemented within a certain time-frame.

Meet with your team members to review the processes and update them as needed to ensure it follows the company vision and goals.  This effort is not easy and takes time.  For this reason, our final step is the most critical. 

The final step is to maintain and keep the processes up to date.  With a fast-paced, ever changing business environment, you have to maintain your processes to adhere to changing conditions.

We hope this helps. As always, if there is anything we can do to help, please feel free to reach out to us at 810.377.6807. To visit our website and read more about how PACManager can help with your processes, go to https://www.pacmanager.com